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Atlas Wandervogel

Atlas Wandervogel

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The adventure of youth movements in photos. This work includes 94 illustrations, in full-page black and white, and retraces the hikes across Germany of young Germans, girls and boys, between 1919 and 1929.

…Has not the Wandervogel spirit gradually penetrated the life of the school? Are not the classes' stays in the school's country house with its initiation into community life, in large part, the reproduction of life in the Wandervögel group?
Hiking is an inexhaustible source, filled with the true popular forces of youth, who bear responsibility for the German future.
True hiking creates free and modern men and women, whose deep consciousness is full of joy, hope and belief in the future.
We are the force, the air, the life!
This is why, without stopping, we are moving forward. Come ! Let's go hiking!
Georg Eitze, 1930

Trilingual work: French, German, Spanish

Format: A4 – 21×29.7cm; 112 pages, printed on glossy paper and bookmarked

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