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Baden Powell scout leader - André Réval

Baden Powell scout leader - André Réval

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This is a book that is the story of a man. It belongs to Great Britain, to this nation which, too, has had a whole batch of great servants and which has, generally, known how to honor them better than France has done for too many of its own. He is also famous throughout the world as the inventor of Scouting.
\nThis system has proven itself so well that after having been considered for several years as barely capable of amusing young boys, it is currently recognized, accepted and considered.
\nUnlike these antiques which we recognize as beautiful, but boring, Baden-Powell is cheerful. There is nothing conventional about him. It is varied, amusing, fanciful, to be informative. And how simple! And then he discovered a great thing: that to be a useful man, an effective citizen, it is not enough to be intelligent. You must have character, be vigorous, courageous, skillful, know how to make up your mind. Scouting tends to create among its members, whatever nation they belong to, whatever condition they may be, a spirit of friendship. And in doing so, he hoped, through the gradual increase in the number of men claiming his spirit throughout the world, to arrive, through better mutual understanding, in reducing the risks of war; that is a noble ambition.
\n124 pages, 12.5 x 19cm

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