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Corsica – Rebellious Land – Saint-Loup (Marc Augier)

Corsica – Rebellious Land – Saint-Loup (Marc Augier)

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The Corsica of Saint-Loup is not bathed by the star of the Great South, light, calm and Olympian. A bloody sun, similar to that of the winter solstice, weighs down on the island and makes it a small homeland, many times defeated but eternally unconquered. As this story of rebelliousness begins, the novelist recalls the adage: “Corsica, you will never be happy! »

His people knew how to despise happiness to choose the rocky path of honor. From Antiquity to the present day, generations of Corsican women have taken up arms while the rebellious heroes of tomorrow were already stirring among them.

Remarkable constancy of this Mediterranean lineage which, each time, refused the victorious invader and which defeat has never broken! In truth, Saint-Loup says, Rome, the Saracens, Spain, Genoa, France have passed and will pass, but the island people will remain.

Saint-Loup first presents this Corsican destiny to us through history and finishes painting it through the novel, exploring the way in which myth is always embodied in fact. To better evoke the eternal return, the beyond of time, a new typically Saint-Lupéian champion enters the fray: this time his name is Circinellu and has chosen as his muse... a Gorgon!

Marc Augier became Saint-Loup in 1946. The man of action, promoter of the outdoors and political activist, became the novelist of carnal homelands. The smallest homeland is, more than ever, the one which, made to suit Man, allows him to come into contact with the superhuman.

  • Paperback, 1 vol. (212 pages); 12.5 x 19 cm
  • ISBN: 978-2-914157-46-9
  • EAN: 9782914157469
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