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From Locle to Valais – First summer race of the Wandervögel Loclois in 1909

From Locle to Valais – First summer race of the Wandervögel Loclois in 1909

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In 1907, gymnasiums and students from St. Gall and Zurich, members of the abstinent societies Helvétia on the one hand, Libertas , on the other hand, decided to organize cheap races during the summer vacation period, races which can be done by them as well as by their friends or other students. In June 1907, they laid the foundations of a new company which they called “Wandervogel”.

During races organized by the Wandervögel, abstinence from alcoholic beverages must be strictly observed. This characteristic point of society is of great importance.

Various groups were quickly organized in the main centers of German Switzerland. In 1908, around thirty multi-day races took place in spring, summer and winter. They were, for the most part, very successful and gave courage to the founders. New members have announced themselves from all corners of Switzerland.

Concerning Le Locle, 3 Helvetians founded in June 1909, with around twenty of their comrades, the first French-speaking section of the Wandervogel.

Our Leclos group quickly became known because, at the end of July, it had no less than 30 members. As soon as it was founded, it planned races for the summer holidays. A tour of Jura and one of Gruyère were discussed. The central committee letting us know that in Champey there is a chalet available to the Wandervögel, the tour of Gruyère is replaced by a race of the Alps in Valais. Of these three projects, the third is surely the most interesting.

We are therefore determined: it is Lower Valais that we will explore!

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