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Florian Geyer – Knight and peasant leader - Elly Janisch

Florian Geyer – Knight and peasant leader - Elly Janisch

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Scenes from the Peasants' War in Germany, 1525


Most schoolchildren in France, I could even say most French people, imagine that the Revolution of 1789 was the starting point of the proletarian struggles for freedom and social equality. They know nothing about this immense movement of emancipation which shook Germany in the 16th century and which history refers to as the Peasants' War.

This little book, which follows the historical truth step by step, will teach them what this war of the German peasants was against their exploiters, the princes, the nobles and the priests; he will show them what separates these proletarians from the bourgeois revolutionaries of 1789, what compares them to the Parisian communards of 1871.

Translation: F. Bernard

76p, 12.5x19cm

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