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Jugendbewegung – German youth from 1900 to 1933 – Werner Milch / Fritz Borinski

Jugendbewegung – German youth from 1900 to 1933 – Werner Milch / Fritz Borinski

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This pamphlet, completed in August 1944, aimed to present in an impartial manner the evolution of Jugendbewegung in order to answer questions relating to the identity of German youth at the end of the great world conflict, its future and the spiritual renewal of Germany.

The authors were sincerely convinced that the traditions of this free and anti-totalitarian youth that was the Jugendbewegung were an asset for the spiritual renewal and democratic education of tomorrow. Let us hope that the reader of the 21st century will also detect the elements for the renewal of European youth.

Friedrich Borinski (1903-1988) was a German lawyer specializing in educational science and particularly in adult training. Exiled in England during the Second World War, he met Werner Milch with whom he created the GER ( German Education Reconstruction Committee ), which developed proposals for the establishment of a new education system in Germany after the end of National Socialism .

Werner Milch (1903-1950) was a Germanist and historian of German literature. After his internment in Sachsenhausen in 1938, he emigrated to Switzerland, then to England where he worked as a professor at University College Exeter and, from 1944, at King's College London. After 1945, Milch returned to Germany, serving as liaison to the German Educational Reconstruction Committee , of which he had been a founder in 1943.

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