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Jungborn – Fountain of Youth Volume 1 – Eugen Guido Lammer

Jungborn – Fountain of Youth Volume 1 – Eugen Guido Lammer

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The first volume alone, long unobtainable, appeared in 1931 in its French translation. The second volume remained unpublished for the French-speaking public. The entire work is now accessible: it contains the story of the most remarkable races that Lammer led between 1884 and 1995 across the Dolomites and the Austrian and Swiss Alps. To these youthful stories which take us from peaks to chasms and from walls to abysses, is added a set of later texts, where training advice rubs shoulders with considerations on Alpine literature.

Guido Lammer was a guy as cultured as he was provocative and brawling. He conquered numerous peaks alone, and did so in a particular, fundamentally attacking style. Doesn't the highest freedom imply an extreme form of responsibility? Lammer questioned destiny by deliberately exposing himself to danger: the mountain responded each time, by pardoning him. The elements favor the bold.

Format: 12.5 x 19cm, 272p.

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