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The history of Youth Hostels – Marc Sangnier

The history of Youth Hostels – Marc Sangnier

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In 1929, Marc Sangnier opened the first Youth Hostel in France and created the French League for Youth Hostels (LFAJ), inspired by the work carried out by Richard Schirrmann in Germany in 1911.

In this talk from 1950, Marc Sangnier looks back on his extraordinary adventure. He presents the development of the Ajist movement, its support, its quarrels, the mergers and splits, without forgetting to remember that “Ajism is an atmosphere which makes young people more capable of understanding each other, more ready to love each other. each other ".

MARC SANGNIER (1873-1950) is a polytechnician. He gave up a career as an officer to take charge of Sillon, a newspaper founded in 1894 by his friend Paul Renaudin, which he would soon transform into a political movement. During his career, he was committed to the rapprochement of Catholicism and the Republican State, civic equality for women in France, proportional voting... A pacifist, he was committed to Franco-German rapprochement after the First War. .

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