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There the forest sings – Trygve Gulbranssen

There the forest sings – Trygve Gulbranssen

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There the forest sings – The Björndal cycle 1

This timeless and delicious Norwegian novel belongs to the tradition of Scandinavian realism. It is also, and with the same momentum, a romantic anthem imbued with love, moderation and modesty, sung in honor of the Norway of forests, mountains and wild spaces. This deeply rooted novel pays vibrant homage to the climate, light, landscapes and local people of the Land of Fifty Thousand Islands .

Beyond the often charming plot that is told to us, retracing from a fight against a bear the adventures of a family on their estate for three generations in the 18th century, this rooted novel presents to us the daily heroism of these humble and willing people, nobly devoted to this gaard of Björndal (enclosure and domain) which shelters their sorrows and their joys, their pains and their hopes, sometimes their fears, thus taking charge over the years of this authentic richness of experience and of spirituality that the author knows so well and so respectfully to restore to us.

Trygve Emanuel Gulbranssen (1894–1962) was a Norwegian novelist, businessman, sports journalist and farmer. Gulbranssen is best known for writing the Björndal Trilogy, of which Down there sings the forest is the first volume. His books, well received by critics and readers, have been translated into more than thirty languages ​​and sold more than twelve million copies. Before the outbreak of World War II, the popularity of the Trilogy made Gulbranssen the fourth best-selling author in the world.

Format: 12.5 x 19cm – 460 pages

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