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Bündisch youth in Germany – Alain Thiéme

Bündisch youth in Germany – Alain Thiéme

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Early 1930, summer 1931: brief and intense period which saw the formation of the first Brüning "presidential" cabinet, the adoption of the Young plan, the success of the National Socialist party in the elections of September 14 and the various government attempts to try to resolve the terrible economic crisis. This is the period during which Ernst Jünger and Werner Lass took over the editorship of the journal “Die Kommenden”, which is the subject of this study.

Die Kommenden is the newspaper common to all the so-called “bündisch” youth, that is to say to all the leagues which constitute the new form of the youth movement born after the First World War. The “bündisch” youth was, without a doubt in this interwar period, the most turbulent and innovative part of the youth movement. Heiress of the “Wandervögel” (“Migratory Birds”) movement from which she takes up the protest against bourgeois thought and the desire to return to nature, she is deeply marked by the recent experience of the front and the trenches experienced by her elders. .

Driven by these two fundamental experiences, “bündisch” youth aspire to a true spiritual, political and social renewal of the “German nation”. This is why it aims, through its cultural and sporting activities, to form a new elite, and it greets, in the words of Friedrich Georg Jünger, "those who come (die Kommenden), in whom a greater great depth to the old hardness! The march is underway…”

13.5x19cm; 152 pages

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