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Breath of the Mountain – Trygve Gulbranssen

Breath of the Mountain – Trygve Gulbranssen

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The Björndal cycle 2

Let us once again enter the silent immensity of the Norwegian forest to rediscover the harsh and warm world of Björndal's family within their powerful domain.

In the heart of its forest and wild spaces, the lineage of the Northern Highlands prepares to celebrate the union of Dag's son with his beloved Adelheid. Out of love, the young girl decides to leave the city and its bourgeois comforts behind. From then on, it was the reality of rural life that imposed itself on her over the years, through its joys and its sorrows, its pains and its hopes. This is how, and at this price, noble characters are shaped.

This is the second volume of Trygve Gulbranssen's powerful, timeless trilogy, which belongs to the tradition of Scandinavian realism and has already enchanted millions of readers.

This deeply rooted novel pays vibrant homage to the climate, light, landscapes and people of the land.

12.5x19cm; 328 pages;

Original title: Det blåser fra Dauingfjell

ISBN: 978-2-914157-43-8 | 9782914157438

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