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Youth projects – Joseph de la Porte du Theil

Youth projects – Joseph de la Porte du Theil

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The Chantiers de jeunesse celebrated their first anniversary in 1942, and Joseph de la Porte du Theil, founder of the movement, looked back on this adventure during a talk given in Paris. He returns to the circumstances of the creation of this movement following the French defeat and demobilization. In this text he describes the organization, the objectives and the goals of the movement while insisting on the fact that it is not in an office but on the ground that we can judge the work and the success of the Chantiers de youth.

JOSEPH DE LA PORTE DU THEIL (1884-1976) poly-technician, French general, was mainly known as the founder and leader of the Chantiers de la jeunesse fran-çaise during the Vichy regime. During the French campaign, he was one of the only generals whose defense was neither broken nor broken by the German advance.

Size: 12.5x18cm; 72 pages

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