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Friends of the stars – Marc Augier (Saint-Loup)

Friends of the stars – Marc Augier (Saint-Loup)

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Let's get ahead of life! The young people of 1936 spread the word. The Popular Front is the great outdoors, the freedom to discover the small homelands of France. From youth hostels to canvas camps, a utopia takes the road: leisure of conquest rather than leisure of decadence! Pacifism between friends from all countries!

Airplane pilot, biker, skier and mountaineer, Marc Augier (1908-1990) himself experienced the adventure of the Secular Circle of Youth Hostels.

Friends of the Beautiful Star first presents itself as the novel of an era: strikes of '36, the Spanish Civil War, return to the land and great natural health. This fresco of friendship is painted with the bright colors of a triple historical, social and sentimental sincerity. A feat of writing, because the ajist trajectories are poorly disciplined: couples embrace, idealists glide gracefully, heroes are shattered in a crash of meteors. The waking dream of this young humanity will unfold from the Place de la Concorde of 1934 to the Polynesian sun of 1941: so many chapters, so many experiences and demands for freedom.

This story is also a training novel, like the Sorrows of Young Werther or the Years of Apprenticeship by Wilhelm Meister. Through his characters, Marc Augier evokes his own passionate youth, his refusal of bourgeois conventions and takes the painful measure of his failures. The trials will sweep away illusions and naivety... No matter, since recovery is promised!

316 pages, 12.5 x 19cm

ISBN: 978-2-914157-31-5 - EAN: 9782914157315

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