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The Seven Ravens – Jakob and Wilhelm Grimm

The Seven Ravens – Jakob and Wilhelm Grimm

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A couple already had seven boys when a girl was born. She was so frail that her father feared for her life. He sent the seven brothers to draw water from the spring which was said to be miraculous to save the little girl. They left but did not return... A series of ordeals followed which led the little girl to free her brothers.

The Seven Ravens is a little-known tale from the Brothers Grimm. At the end of the story, parents are offered a symbolic reading of this text in order to give them the keys to understanding the symbols hidden in many stories for children (or adults).

The Brothers Grimm collected hundreds of popular tales, the origins of which are sometimes lost in the mists of time; today they are one of the foundations of our culture, and the source of the most beautiful stories for children.

Format: 14x14cm, 28 pages, soft cover, stapled binding

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