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My blood told me – Initiatory novel – L’ami

My blood told me – Initiatory novel – L’ami

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Chemical, soft, stinking, vicious, chimerical and egalitarian… such was humanity on this earth which was never ending dying and on which six billion citizens of the world were agitated, aspiring to the happiness of mass consumption.

Then came the Friend. Yes Friend, a true Friend. Not one of his work colleagues with whom we shower the end-of-year dividends or with whom we mock the necessarily useless boss. No, a comrade, a brother, a riding companion who invites us to find this knight, this wolf man who still lives in the hearts of those who refuse slavery and rot.

So don't wait any longer! Outside, already, the eternal horn of our old people has sounded and this devil of a Friend, you know, will only smile at you once...

13.5x19cm; 224 pages

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