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Périllou and Périllette – Hermann Löns / Blanche Holtz

Périllou and Périllette – Hermann Löns / Blanche Holtz

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Périllou is an elf who sets out to discover the world. His greatest wish is to find a wife. But in his quest, Périllou and his new friends, Pique-toi the hedgehog, Fantatique the wren and Pince-vrai the beetle, must first face off against Souffleuse the evil witch. His reward: the ravishing Périllette .

Hermann Löns was born on August 29, 1866 in Kulm into a family of twelve children. After his baccalaureate he began studying medicine which he stopped to turn to natural sciences. During this period he developed a keen interest in the protection of nature as well as in literature. He became a journalist and wrote collections of poetry but also writings on nature and hunting. Success is there and will never leave him. He died in combat on September 26, 1914, during the First World War. He is forty-eight years old.

Format: 21x21cm, 28 pages, hardcover, in color.

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