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Wandervogel – Revolt against the bourgeois spirit – Karl Höffkes

Wandervogel – Revolt against the bourgeois spirit – Karl Höffkes

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“Imagine a cold night in January. On the abandoned fields, on the branches of the mutilated pines that line the path, there is still snow.
A signpost, cut by hand, seems lost in the middle of this lifeless landscape. It often served as a meeting point for them and indicates: “Zum Fichteberg: 1 km”.
After so many years of joyful wandering, here they are undertaking the last walk together. Tomorrow, already, one of the two young people who follow this path hardened by frost will leave the city to stay for years in Constantinople. And here they are, reaching the summit where an imposing water tower sits…”

The astonishing story of the awakening at the beginning of the last century of an entire freedom-loving German youth. The bourgeois world of teachers and parents must be banned and will not be worth the long hikes between young people throughout the Reich.

13.5x19cm; 128p.

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